Call tracker software tracks data from incoming phone calls. It measures the quality and number of leads generated by all the involved channels in the advertising campaign. The software tracks both online and offline data and enables businesses to adopt more user-friendly features based on tracking information. Businesses need the best call tracker software to maximize the benefits of call tracking. In this article, we will cover some factors that will help businesses to find the best call tracking software for their businesses.

Things to Consider While Choosing Call Tracking Software


While choosing call tracker software, you will have to ensure that the service provider offers phone numbers of your choice. If you want to understand the global market, then you will have to focus on more coverage. The service provider should be capable of offering toll-free or local phone numbers.

Fast Number Generation

Good tracking software should generate the numbers fast for the campaign. The process should be automatic. If you do it manually, it will demand more time and effort. There is a possibility of human error as well. Therefore, you will have to ensure that the software is well made to generate numbers dynamically.

Third-Party Integration

You will need a call tracking software that can be integrated with third-party devices. If it is possible, you can integrate the tracking software with other devices to get deeper insights. For example, if you will integrate it with the CRM tool, you can understand the sales cycles of offline leads.


Make sure that you can customize the uses of the software depending on your business needs. All the businesses are different. They work differently when it comes to data usage. If you will not be able to customize the call tracker software, you cannot collect the most appropriate data. This feature is a must to get the desired benefits.


Reliable call tracking software should feature high uptime. Remember that once you use call tracking software, all the calls from your customers will go to the infrastructure of your service provider. If it does not offer high uptime, you might lose the leads. You cannot create a trustworthy environment.

Call Recordings

A call tracking device should be capable of call recordings. Transcriptions and call recordings will help businesses with all their required information about their customers. They can understand the buyers and make changes to enhance their experience. Also, business managers will know how their employees are dealing with their customers.  All these will help to improve the service for the better.

Thorough Analytics

Call tracker software can cover all the basic analytics that include call time and date, call duration, caller ID, call source, the call location, and other details. Businesses can access all this data in real-time. Also, they can use the historical data to know more about the repeated callers. It will help to optimize their marketing strategy.

Call tracking software should be well-equipped to track the call efficiently. You should go with a reliable service provider to get advanced features and high uptime. An experienced service can enable you to understand your callers better.

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