Affordable SEO Services: Why Every Business Can Afford SEO

Is search engine optimization (SEO) affordable? It’s a common question for companies looking to partner with a trusted and respected SEO agency. The good news is that yes, affordable SEO services do exist, and can help your business grow in numerous ways.

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 Initial Review & AnalysisStandard SEO Package
INR 5, 499/Month
 Advance SEO Package
INR 9,999/Month
 Premium SEO Package
INR 14,999/Month
 Keywords5 Keywords Optimized 10 Keywords Optimized25 Keywords Optimized
Top 10 Ranking Guarantee3+7+20+
Complete Website Audit NOYESYES
 Analysis of the current state of the websiteYESYESYES
Web Audit & Reporting within PDFNONOYES
SEO Consulting and BriefingYESYESYES
 URLS restructuringYESYESYES
 Architecture OptimizationNONOYES
Web hierarchy optimizationNONOYES
Markup Schema (where applicable)NONOYES
  SEO Onpage OptimizationYESYESYES
Competition analysisNONOYES
  Search phrases and keywordsNOYESYES
Goal OptimizationNONOYES
Robots.txt and crawling optimizationYESYESYES
Analytics and search for opportunitiesNONOYES
  Local Search OptimizationNOYESYES
Sitemaps Creation XML and HTMLYESYESYES
Internal Link-bulding RestructuringYESYESYES
 Tagging and marking optimizationNONOYES
Duplicate Content AnalysisNONOYES
  Long-tail keywords optimizationNOYESYES
Advanced link building strategyNOYESYES
Event marking (analytics)NONOYES
  Advanced Tracking CodesNONOYES
 Monthly ReportingYESYESYES
Keyword Research and AnalysisYESYESYES
Web site Structure OptimizationNOYESYES
  Baseline Ranking CheckYESYESYES
Content OptimizationYESYESYES
Performing Off – Page SEO ActivitiesYESYESYES
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