Terms and Conditions

When you access our website at www.infodekho.com, you agree to the below mentioned terms of use which acts as guidelines or obligations of all users regarding the use of our website. Please note that these terms may be updated at any point in time with or without any prior information to our end users. In any case you do not agree with any or all of our below mentioned conditions, please stop the further use of the website.


Access to our website

Info Dekho is an open and free to use website, without any specific usage conditions. But if you are prohibited by the governing authorities at your place of residence, we suggest discontinuing any further usage.


Business Listing Accounts

When you opt for listing your business with us, you are liable to the following terms:

  • All the information you provide is correct and is not intended to harm any of our users in some or the other way
  • You are held liable for the information you provide in your l;isting
  • Info Dekho takes no responsibility for the genuineness of the data provided
  • You cannot try and impersonate a business that you do not have the required authority for
  • Once you provide the information on our website, we may use if for as lo0ng as we want
  • You may request for account and listing withdrawal with us, but the final decision depends on us

User GuidelinesnWhen using our website, you are bound by the below usage guidelines:

  • Copyrighting, redistributing, or selling any of the provided information on this website is strictly prohibited
  • Using our website to impersonate some other individual/business is not allowed
  • Removing or altering the copyrights from any of the provided content/service is not allowed
  • Allowing someone else other than you to access your account with us is not allowed
  • Swelling any information from our website is not allowed

Rights you grant us

Once you start using our website, you grant us with certain rights that we can use to fulfill certain website related procedures:

  • Use your personal information to maintain your account with us
  • Track you search and preferences to serve you better information in the future
  • Allow our business partners do the same


Third Party Websites and Services

Our website may include links to some third party website along with few third-party integrations such as Google analytics. These third-party service providers may have their own set of terms and conditions that you are bound to agree with. Please refer to any such website/services for better understanding of their usage conditions.


Account Suspension and Termination

Even though we look forward to serving each of our valuable users but in case we notice anything unusual with your account or any activities that violate any of our mentioned terms of usage, we hold  the full rights to terminate your account without any prior information. Upon termination, you are no longer allowed to access our website or any part of it.


Contact Us

If you have any further concerns regarding the above-stated terms and conditions, feel free to connect with us by visiting our contact us page.

Thank you for reading our Terms and Conditions. We hope you enjoy our services at Info Dekho!