Digital marketing is multifaceted strategy for targeting, reaching out and building online relationships with customers across various channels. There are various tactics which digital marketing consists of:

With the help of a reliable digital marketing agency anyone can get great ROIs on marketing campaigns. Let’s understand better, what Services are offered by different types of digital marketing agencies and what works best for businesses.

Digital Marketing Firm

Most of these firms refer themselves as agencies. These agencies purely focus on activities of digital marketing and provide fewer services compared to full-service agencies. A digital marketing firm typically doesn’t offer advertising, PR or conventional marketing services.

Social Media Agency

As implied by the name, the social media agency also offers services for social media marketing. Companies go for social media agencies when they require help for managing and producing content regularly on social media channels, when they’re looking to set up social media advertisements on different platforms like Instagram and Facebook, and when they’re looking to optimize the social media accounts.

Digital Marketing Consultant

These are professionals who can be or cannot be affiliated to a digital marketing agency. The digital marketing consultants have gotten broad knowledge about the digital marketing and help businesses in coming up with digital marketing strategies.

Inbound/Full service marketing agency

The full service ones including inbound agencies are larger than most specialty digital marketing firms with variety of services for digital marketing. These are great for start-ups and small businesses. Also large businesses deploy full service marketing experts for freeing time for sales managers, business marketing and leaders for focusing on other areas of expertise.

Digital Ad Agency (PPC)

Also known as paid advertising, paid search is other way of generating traffic to the business website. Unlike the free organic traffic, the paid traffic is also about spending money on bidding on ad placement and keywords on search outcomes. The digital ads appear on search result pages (SERPs), websites along with social media channels.

Web Design or Website Agency

The team of web design agency consists of creative designers and content experts who create customized websites for businesses. Website designers handle the feel, functionality and appearance of the websites. Common services provided through website agencies are research, user experience, image creation, design, web hosting and development.

SEO Company

Agencies specializing in Search engine optimization are helpful for websites and clients for ranking higher on search outcomes. With their help specialists can easily perform following:

  • Website audits
  • Keyword research
  • Blog and website content
  • Backlink audits
  • Optimize video descriptions
  • Conducting link building
  • Assessment of website metadata quality (meta descriptions, title tags, URLs, etc.)

A SEO company utilizes different web developer tools and data analytics such as Google Search Console, SEM Rush, Google Analytics, SEO Moz, etc. SEO agencies always adopt the latest SEO practices early while being in compliance with the changing algorithm of Google.

The sole objective of digital marketing agency is generating the most amount of organic traffic for a business website. Digital marketing agencies employ marketing experts who know inside details about customer journeys, search engine algorithms, and inbound marketing. Companies prefer working with expert digital marketing agencies due to their expertise of online marketing. The best agencies are always aware about the best practices, latest trends and the most feasible strategies and tools required for growth.

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