If your brand has an online presence in social media then, you will have to know how to track social mentions. Social listening will help you to track everything starting from running your business, managing public relations and observing customer service to the product and how to apply marketing strategies. So, while you are planning to do social media strategy for your brand then, you will have to focus on two necessary things. One is how you are talking to your customers and how you will have to respond to them. The second one is known as social media mention. You will have to ensure that all your audience and customers are talking about your brand online.

Why it is necessary?

While people and audience are talking about your brand then, they are spreading the word that it presents. If they share their positive response or feedback then, it leads to new customers and eventually, more revenue will be generated. On the other hand, if they share their negative feedback then, it is necessary to resolve their issues and problems. If you cannot respond to their negative comments then, it will make a poor reputation of your brand and it will make a negative impact on your customer circle.

So, as you can see, people must talk about your brand online. For that, you will have to know how to respond to the social mentions.

How to respond to the social mentions:

Whenever you will find your brand name then, you will have to make some response to it. In this way, you will get an opportunity to interact with the people who have found interest in your brand. It is necessary to know how to respond to each social mentions:

  1. Sharing product images: You may see that the clients will share the product photos online and love to share their experience about the product and service. People will love appreciation. So, you will have to fetch out some time to acknowledge the people and their sharings. You can say “thanks for sharing your valuable feedback” and all.
  1. Sharing feedback: Customers will share their feedback if they like your product and service. It is necessary to find out this feedbacks and listen to them. You can get free advice on how you should make some improvements and all. You will have to be courteous enough and diligent as well while you are responding to them.
  1. Sharing bad feedback: If your clients share any kinds of bad experience then, you will have to find those social mentions and try to change their mind as well. You can move the conversation to a private location and try to resolve their issues.

For that, you will have to track social mentions. You can create a hashtag for your customers to use while they post and comment. Close social monitoring will help you a lot to track all social activities related to your brand. You will have to remember the fact that social mention and marketing are closely related to each other.

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